About us

We are a small family run business who discovered a passion for alpacas in 2017.

It first started when we came across an alpaca farm after travelling home from a weekend away. We became very curious about these gentle animals and, after visiting a few other alpaca farms around the UK, our love for them grew even greater.

Our journey to owning our very own herd soon began when we found our own land with beautiful surroundings in a peaceful area near Sandridge. After falling in love with 6 female alpacas on our visits to other farms we soon had our own herd up and running when they were brought to us in October 2017.

Since then we have had great pleasure getting to know our girls more and learning so much more about keeping alpacas.

Alpacas can be quite timid animals, at first they didn’t like us coming to close to them, but as time went on it was lovely to see them get more comfortable with us and get to the point were they would come running over to us when we came into the field, and they would even take feed from our hands – especially a bit of tasty carrot.

After becoming fully comfortable with our alpacas, and doing lots of handling and halter training with them all, it was time for us to share our passion with others and open up our farm to the public for meet and greet experiences.

Now at a herd of 9, and in a beautiful new location with more space, we are loving the alpaca life.

Owning alpacas and interacting with them can be very rewarding and we are so grateful to be able to share the experience with others!