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Our new arrival πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰

For any of you who follow our social media pages you will know already, but for other we have some exciting news!

Our first cria this year was born, very unexpectedly last week on Friday afternoon.

Still about 3 weeks away from the estimated due date, Hattie decided she had had enough and gave birth to a beautiful little boy around 1:30/2pm and by 3pm he was up and stumbling around on hid long legs.

We left mum and baby to bond for a while before getting them into the pen to do our checks. Apart from baby being a little underweight, as expected, all checks were ok and both were healthy.

After just watching them out in the field, we noticed that baby was struggling to get milk from mum, so that evening we did have to give him a bottle with some colostrum. Luckily by Saturday he was feeding properly from mum so we could put the bottle away.

Due to him being a bit underweight, and with the spurts of rainfall and drop in temperature over last weekend, we decided to coat up our little guy. By Monday he had filled out a bit and with the weather warming up again we could take the coat off.

He’s been growing so much already and has definitely got the hang of those long legs!

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